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Empress NETworks specializes in helping

Ray Giles
Founder and Principal
Merli Mejia
Developer / Programmer

Prof. Raymond Giles founder of Empress Graphics in 1986. Ray is a Systems Engineer with over 25 years experience in technology and education.  He currently serves as Associate Professor at the College of Westchester in NY. 

Merli is an expert in HTML, CSS,Bootstrap, JavaScript,React, node.js, MongoDB, SQL, Java and C# just to name a few languages used in today's web applications.

Anne Bikofsky
Belkis Lane
Senior Designer

Anne is an expert at accounting services and provides advice for helping learn the language of business through accounting as you gain the skills and knowledge to analyze financial statements. For career professionals gain confidence in your ability to understand financial statements and communicate financial results.

Belkis has over 20 years helping to create the visual brand of a company and driving a company's brand or overseeing company-wide campaigns. 

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